The Hull Sound - Bud Sugar & Chiedu Oraka

Bouncy, vibey and joyous to the core, Bud Sugar are one of the most creative bands on Hull’s music scene, seamlessly fusing catchy hooks and melodies with socially conscious lyrics packed with their trademark sense of humour. Bax, Live Lans, Stan, Dyl and Reason describe themselves as agents of excitement; bouncing, spinning and dancing in brightly coloured clothes whilst performing an array of musical styles. Their live shows never disappoint.

Championing the city’s urban scene, Hull’s Chiedu Oraka’s an artist who’s not defined by any one genre of music. Describing his music as the sound of Northern working class England, he thrives on giving the audience a different experience every time they see him. Appearing with DJ Joe the Third from the Lockdown Collective, co-founded by Chiedu and MC/Producer Deezkid.


African Stories in Hull & East Yorkshire

Wed, 12 Jul 2017
Fruit, 62 Humber Street, Hull HU1 1TU
This is an archived event, tickets are no longer for sale